How to order

We accept mail order from e-mail or fax, and shopping at our showroom.

(if you send e- mail, please push this picture)

If you order by e-mail or fax, tell us the following information.
- Items and sizes
- Quantity
- Whether you need name embroidery or not (and where to stitch)
- Style
- How to receive the items
- If you are women and you need a breast ribbon to prevent slipping off, please tell us.

Single Weave Unbleached GI, Size 4, Tops and Bottoms, Qty: 1
- Need Breast Ribbon
- Embroider gIWATA(in Japanese),ab horizontal text h on left sleeve with Black stitch

polyester A (black) Size 25
- Embroider gIWATA(in Japanese),ab horizontal texth with #4 White stitch

Style: Aiki-Kai
Shipping to
2-1-14, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0073, Japan
Tsuru Iwata

You can choose vertical or horizontal embroidering belt.
You can embroider belt both side.
We first embroider the fabric and then make the black belt. With this method there is no trace of embroidery on the lining and the thread passes over the name embroidery.
White belt, Bleached white belt and color belt, We embroider on the finished product.
This method produces embroidery marks on the lining.

Embroidery Color Samples
Normally we stitch Black on Dogi, and Gold-Brown on and Black Belt.
If you want other colors, choose from following options.

¦Color may vary slightly from image.

Payment Options
- Credit Cards
- Paypal
- International Postal Money Order (not available for some countries)
- Bank Transfer

Credit Cards
- If you want to pay by credit cards, we will send you the link for payment after calculation.
- Finish your payment online in 3 days after you received the link.

- If you want to pay by Paypal, please tell us your account mail address.
- We will send you the invoice to after calculation.
- Finish your payment after you received the invoice.

- You can also use Paypal even if you donft have account. Please ask us in this case.
(not available for some countries)

International Postal Money Order
- Available only for the countries where can make/post international postal money order in Japanese Yen.
- Please make international postal money order at post office, and send to our address.
- Please make it in Japanese Yen.
- The currency limit depends on countries, so please check at the post office after receiving invoice.
- Please burden any fees at your expense.

Our Address
2-1-14 Hyakunin-Cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0073, Japan

Bank Transfer
- If you want to pay via overseas bank, we charge you 6,000 yen as Bank Charge.
- Please burden any fees at your expense.

Our Bank Details
Bank Name: MUFG Bank, LTD
1-1-19, Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT

In any options, we treat your order as formal after payment.