About Hakama

(Please refer to the link at the bottom of the page for the description of each HAKAMA)

Iwatafs HAKAMA are not only re-purposed Kendo .
We listened to the voices of our customers and created a HAKAMA that is durable and designed to meet the specific needs of the Aikido practitioner.
There are two types of HAKAMA, cotton and polyester, and three variants of each.
We also take custom orders.
¦The back belt has seven lines of stitching. The koshiita is made of rubber.

About the front and back belts.
Standard belt lengths are 400cm for the front belt and 180cm for the back belt.
If the waist size does not exceed 85cm, a 400cm front belt will comfortably wrap around 4 times¦.

¦How to wrap 4 times around your body¦
Start by placing the HAKAMA on your belly.
1. Wrap the front belt behind you and cross in the back
2. Return to the front and cross in the front.
3. Wrap to the back again, crossing one more time.
4. Return to front and tie.

This is counted as "4 times".
If you tie the belt 4 times like this, the length needed is calculated as
"(Girth x 4) + 80`100cm".
Even if the girth is over 85cm, those who will not wrap the belt 4 times around the body may use a 400cm front belt.

Custom HAKAMA belt lengths are available. (Additional fee required)
Extra manufacturing and delivery time required. Please ask when ordering.
Extra fee
Front belt up to 450cm: 3,300yen
Front belt up to 500cm: 4,400yen
Front belt 500cm ~ : 5,500yen
Back belt: 2,200yen (for any length)
Please tell us your required length when ordering.

We can customize our HAKAMA in many ways (eg: Side slit depth, length, etc.). Please donft hesitate to ask us anything.

About the size
On the website, we have a size list corresponding to height and gender.
Sizes will differ based on the method of tying. If you prefer a precise measurement, please come to the shop.
If it is not possible to visit our shop, please check here.

All cotton HAKAMA are made-to-order.
We do not keep any in stock. Order to delivery time differs depending on the season.
For estimate, please contact us via email or phone.
(usually, manufacturing takes 2 to 3 weeks)

Washing the HAKAMA
EHand washing
Soak in water containing, fold into a manageable size and wash gently by pressing down on the garment repeatedly.
Do not scrub. Rinse in clear water, repeating two or three times.
After washing, do not wring. Line up the two cords on either side of the back stay clip in place with clothespins and hang to dry in the shade.
EMachine Washing
Place the garment in a large clothing net, wash at ggentleh or gdelicateh setting without using the spin cycle.
Never use a dryer, because HAKAMA will shrink.
EDry Cleaning
Select a professional dry-cleaner Be sure to inform the establishment that natural rubber is used in the KOSHIITA and keep pleats in shape. Polyester and cotton black HAKAMA are made to not discolor But if you keep these in wet condition long time, sometime the dye bleeds out.
Please be careful.

Also, indigo dyed HAKAMA look purple at first
But by soaking in water several times, it will become indigo tone.
Sweat and moisture might cause color transfer from HAKAMA to GI so please wash immediately when it occurs
Caution) Indigo dyed products cause a lot of discoloration.
Please do not forget to rinse it by water before use

About the sizes of indigo dyed HAKAMA
Indigo dyed HAKAMA (#6000 #10000) will shrink after the washing before use.
So, we suggest that you order half to one size larger than the size chart or your polyester HAKAMA that you already own.
However, the size after shrinking depends on the situations such as water temperature, water quality, and how to wash, so please consider this as a rough estimate.

How to wash an indigo HAKAMA
We strongly recommend hand washing indigo hakama.
Soak in clear water, fold into a manageable size and wash gently by pressing down on the garment repeatedly.

Repeat this washing several times while changing water Do not scrub.

After washing, do not wring strongly.
Line up the two cords on either side of the back stay clip in place with clothespins, and hang to dry completely in the shade

Repeat several times of methods mentioned above

Soak in clear water enough and uniformly
Do not use any detergents
Do not scrub, wring the cloth (It may cause the uneven coloring)
Do not use dryer after washing

This Blue Indigo Hakamas are made of Bushu-Sho-Aizome cloth that is certified as a traditional handcraft of Saitama Prefecture.


HAKAMA polyester A(Black Blue Purple)

HAKAMA polyester B thick(Black Blue)

HAKAMA polyester B thin(Black Blue)

HAKAMA cotton Black

HAKAMA cotton #6000 indigo blue

HAKAMA cotton #10000 indigo blue