We have 29 embroidery colors.

You can choose from the Roman Alphabet, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, and Styles from Kaisho, Gyosho, Block, and Script. Normally we do embroidery in 2.5cm for Jackets, Pants and Obi, and in 1.8cm for Hakama and Accesories.

We accept custom orders for alternative letter sizes, creating special fonts, or changing embroidery location, etc.
Please feel free to ask us anything.

You can choose vertical or horizontal embroidering belt.
You can embroider belt both side.
We first embroider the fabric and then make the black belt. With this method there is no trace of embroidery on the lining and the thread passes over the name embroidery.
White belt, Bleached white belt and color belt, We embroider on the finished product.
This method produces embroidery marks on the lining.

Embroidery Color Chart 
Embroidered names will be black on the Dogi and orange on the and black belt unless otherwise requested.
Please choose from the following options

※Color may vary slightly from image.